Concrete safety posts and barriers in stainless steel against heavy impacts

In environments where heavy impacts (of forklifts or trucks for example) are possible, we place concrete safety posts and barriers in stainless steel. We fill these stainless steel protective poles with shrinkage-free BENOR certified concrete (C40/50). We achieve optimum anchoring with a base plate or by drilling. You may be sure that Betinoc’s stainless steel concrete poles are solid, but they are also good looking thanks to the seamless convex cap. 

Properties of the stainless steel concrete safety posts and barriers

  • High impact-resistance thanks to filling with shrinkage-free concrete (C40/C50)
  • Good looking: not one welding seam visible
  • Convex cap avoids moisture or dirt accumulation
  • Standard versions in stock or customized
  • Anchoring with base plate or drilling
  • Stainless steel 304/316 K 320

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