BETINOC develops, manufactures and installs shockproof and hygienic protective skirting boards, safety posts, walls and profiles for industrial buildings, machines and infrastructure

Concrete skirting boards

BENOR certified concrete skirting boards

Do you prefer precast concrete skirting boards with epoxy coating? If so, the BENOR certified concrete skirting boards from Betinoc are the perfect solution. They are 35 cm high, 15 mm thick and available in the length of your choice.  The top side is either rounded or bevelled. For the finishing at doors and passages, we use prefabricated end pieces and inner and outer corner pieces. Obstacles also get an aesthetic and professional finish.

Properties of the concrete skirting boards

  • BENOR certified concrete in combination with epoxy
  • Aesthetic finish with prefabricated end pieces
  • Rounded or bevelled top side

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