Customized stainless steel profiles

Flexible customized solutions

On many occasions we place our stainless steel concrete skirting boards against a wall that is fitted with columns, pipes or grids. 

The customer has the choice to work with inner and outer corners of the same type of the stainless steel concrete skirting boards or to go for the alternative and finish these obstacles with a customized stainless steel solution.

These stainless steel customized profiles are carefully measured on site and then manufactured in our plant in Temse.  

Op deze manier kunnen wij heel flexibel en heel snel reageren op (soms) onverwachtse obstakels en toch nog altijd onze hoogste hygiënische kwaliteit aanhouden.

This allows us to respond in a very flexible and quick way to (sometimes) unexpected obstacles while still meeting the highest hygienic standards.

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