Polyethylene protective strips

PE protection

Impact-resistant skirting boards provide protection and hygiene at the bottom of the wall. However, protection is not only necessary just above the floor but higher as well. Betinoc therefore developed protective strips made of polyethylene. These are fitted with a rounded top and bottom, so no dirt or moisture can stay on them. Ideal in environments where hygiene is essential.

The design of our PE strips is aimed at a long-lasting adhesion. On the one hand, the extra notch at the back ensures that the silicone sticks to the strip, preventing it from floating. On the other hand, there is the hidden fastening. The PE strips are screwed against the back wall, after which a cap of the same material is placed on the screw. This way, the screw is no longer visible, and the result is one flat surface.

Properties of the polyethylene protective strips

  • Protective strip made of polyethylene in minimum HD500 quality
  • Variable thicknesses, heights and lengths
  • Long-lasting adhesion thanks to notch and screwed fastening

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