BETINOC develops, manufactures and installs shockproof and hygienic protective skirting boards, safety posts, walls and profiles for industrial buildings, machines and infrastructure

Stainless steel concrete skirting boards

A patented connection between concrete and stainless steel

The Betinoc stainless steel concrete skirting boards are shockproof and hygienic. Two indispensable qualities for the food industry, the healthcare industry and pharmaceutical environments. How does Betinoc get this done? With a combination of concrete and stainless steel, and a patented connection system. 

BENOR certification

We use extremely strong BENOR certified concrete for our impact-resistant skirting boards. That concrete core with double reinforcement is covered with hygienic and aesthetic stainless steel. A patented system then ensures the chemical and physical anchoring of both materials. The result? A long-lasting protection with a high impact-resistance that continues to guarantee impeccable hygiene over the years.

Afmetingen Plinten

The benefits of skirting boards in concrete and stainless steel

  • Long-lasting protection against impacts of food carts, forklifts, pallet trucks, etc.
  • HACCP compliant: perfect match with the highest hygiene standards
  • 100% anchoring thanks to patented connection system
  • Modular: later changes are always possible
  • 10-year warranty

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