Galva L Profiles

Galva L Profiles filled with concrete

Is hygiene of less importance but the risk of heavy impacts by forklifts greater? Think of high traffic zones in logistics companies for example.  In such cases we place L profiles in galvanized steel in front of the wall or wall panels. Such a profile is already strong in itself, but by filling the cavity behind it with concrete, we create extra protection (and we avoid dirt accumulation behind the Galva L profile).

Properties of the Galva L profiles

  • Thickness between 10 and 16 mm
  • Secured with concrete anchors
  • Extra resistance: filled under slope with BENOR certified C40/C50 concrete
  • Economical solution for zones with heavy traffic of forklifts, pallet trucks, etc.
  • Ideal for logistics companies (where hygiene standards are less stringent)

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